Lee Harrison


Lee Harrison

Where do I even begin with this one!

Alice & Marcus are essentially couple goals down to the bone! They have been together 14 years, childhood sweethearts that have grown together, supported each other, and travelled the world going on adventures together.

Also add if I could write a perfect wedding scenario it would essentially be this wedding!

Amazing people... check!
Hot weather... check!
Day after session in a second dress to remove all stress on the day... yeah check!
Clear night with so little light pollution that I got a shot of the Milky Way, I honestly couldn't write this better!

Jumping back slightly, by the end of the week in Cyprus, everyone there felt like extended family of my own! We hung out, got to know each other and I honestly had the best time I have had in quite some time now! It was perfect! This one will take some topping!

Alice, Marcus, Thank you so much for having me and letting me be a part of your day! To the wedding party, thank you for being so warm, friendly and inviting, You are all awesome! 

Lee x


Venue: The Grecian Park Hotel - Protaras Cyprus