day in the life sessions

Imagine 10 years from now, you are reminiscing with your family one evening about things you used to do together, what they used to be like, so out comes the photo album.

The images inside take you straight back to that moment, you laugh at the funny moments, get sentimental about things you did together, so then you load up a short film from that very same day... 

Now you hear the laughs, you see the expressions clearer, you hear the sounds, the small things, its like you are a fly on the wall of your own life, you can see the beauty of your every day. 

This is what Day in the Life sessions are made for!  



4 hour session time
In home viewing and ordering session


Full day session time, wake up to bed time
In home viewing and ordering session

digital files both film and photo, wall art, albums and prints are all available to purchase separately after your session, they are not included in the session fee itself. There is no obligation or minimum spend limit at any session, prices start from £50 for an individual fine art print, collections start from £500


What makes your family sessions different to others?
I would say the main thing is that I do both photo and video at the same session, and that family sessions with me are documentary based, often in your home. This makes what I produce the reality what your family is like, what you get up to, and not scenes staged to make you look a certain way.

I think my house is too messy to have a family session, does that matter?
Short answer… No of course not! Honestly almost everyone who has kids also has a little mess in their home! Lets be honest, how many times have you seen a photo of yourself as a child and thought “wow I can’t believe that toy was left out on the floor!”, I’m willing to bet you haven’t. That’s not whats important, what matters is the memories. “Oh god I remember that toy! I used to take that everywhere!” This is what makes documentary sessions so great!

So how does it work?
I meet up with you before a session is booked, ideally in person, Skype if we can’t sort that. Here we can get to know each other a little better, I can take you through the different options, pricing and you can see the products I offer in person. At this point you can decide to book a session or walk away if its not a good fit for your family.

At the session itself, I turn up and essentially just hang out for the day with my camera. You carry on doing what you would normally do, and leave the rest to me. As we have already met at this point you will quickly stop paying attention to what I'm doing and that’s when the good stuff happens.

Around 2-3 weeks after your session we have a viewing/ordering appointment, I show you your film and images, and you choose what you would like. I can also show you your images, on your walls to scale with this awesome software I have. There is no guesswork on sizes, I help you make sure you are ordering exactly what you want and nothing else. There is also no obligation to buy anything, or any minimum charge. I don’t do pressure sales, there is nothing worse for everyone involved!

What happens if I don’t like anything you did?
Well I try my best to make sure that this never happens, but for your peace of mind I offer a money back guarantee! If after seeing your film and images at the viewing session you are unhappy with what I created for your family, you will get your session fee back, no strings attached.